Nick’s Rainforest Adventure

Nick is creating a masterpiece. He is painting a picture of his favorite bird—the critically endangered Philippine eagle.

But as he paints, he drifts off to sleep...

Nick dreams he is in a wild rainforest, the home of the Philippine eagle, and he has a mission to accomplish. He soars into the air and scans the rainforest below. Can Nick accomplish his mission? And will he finish his masterpiece?


Nicks Rainforest Adventure Nick’s Adventures

Nick’s Spaceship Adventure

Nick wants to go to space. But he doesn’t have a way to get there.

But he can fix that!

First, Nick gathers the supplies and sketches the plans. Then he begins to build his spaceship. But as he works, Nick falls asleep. He dreams he blasts off into space. What will happen? Can Nick return and finish his spaceship?

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